Prof. Joonsuk Huh



· 1997.03 - 2003.08: B. Sc. (chemistry, minor in physics), POSTECH.

· 2004.10 - 2006.09: M. Sc. (computational science and engineering), TUM. 

                                 Thesis: "Vibronic coupling in the reaction center                                                        of bacterial photosynthesis"

                                 (Prof. Sighart F. Fischer and Prof. Philipp O. J. Scherer)

· 2007.01 - 2011.02: Ph. D. (physics), Goethe University Frankfurt.

                                 Thesis : "Unified description of vibronic transitions                                                      with coherent states"

                                 (Prof. Robert Berger and Prof. Dieter Schuch)


-Employment and Service


· 2000.06 - 2002.08:  Army

· 2011.03 - 2011.11: Postdoctoral fellow, FIAS. 

                                 (Prof. Robert Berger)

· 2011.12 - 2015.02: Postdoctoral researcher, Harvard University.

                                 (Prof. Alán Aspuru-Guzik)

· 2015.06 - 2017.02: Mueunjae postdoctoral fellow (independent                                                        researcher), POSTECH; Presidential postdoc fellow;                                        Research assistant professor

· 2017.03 - present: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry,                                                 Sungkyunkwan University​

성균관대 허준석 교수

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